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Doug Stephan ratings

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Doug Stephan
radio show
Market:  El Paso, TX
Radio Station:  KTSM AM
Website: external link
Description:  Airy senseless talk, early morning
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poor quality
Rating: 1.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

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Click to report rating    5/29/11   2   The guy seldom finishes a sentence before rambling on about something else never finishing the topic on which he started. He refers to certain people as "gas bags" but he is truely a gas bad in his own right. His female counterparts talk as though they are "hot chicks" but their photos show them as less than attractive. They all seem overly impressed with themselves. Doug goes off on tangients all the time and his opinions are radical at times. RID: 29958
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Click to report rating    2/8/10   1   Doug Stephan is obviously a lightweight, and he has gone to adding other permanent personalities on his show who yuck it up with him with senseless "conversation" about current events. The show is decidedly liberal, with the host totally in the dark about the foundations of the free-market system, or American values. Stephan is a farmer, and often does the show from his farm. RID: 26391
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