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Real Side with Joe Messina reviews

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Real Side with Joe Messina
radio show
Market:  National / Syndicated
Radio Station:  MANY
Website: external link
Description:  Daily Topics, Politics, General, Usually both sides of the issues. NO topics are tabu.
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good quality
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

Radio Show Real Side with Joe Messina has an excellent overall rating on

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Click to report rating    12/29/13   5   This show is funny, intelligent, original, and thought provoking! RID: 34248
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     4/18/12   SYSTEM: 2 positive duplicate or disallowed ratings automatically removed 
     4/17/12   5   I absolutely love Joe’s radio show, The Real Side. Joe is unafraid to tackle any topic, has great guests, asks insightful questions, allows for different viewpoints, and to steal a line from O’Reilly, “the spin stops here”. I enjoy Joe’s passion and willingness to speak from the heart without concern for “political correctness”. He treats his listeners like intelligent adults and I appreciate that. I have learned a variety of things from his guests. Some guests I agree with and some I don't but I still learn something. Great show, great host! RID: 32202
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